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Live Report Les Tambours du Bronx x Klone x Nanowar of Steel x Psykup @Trianon 31.03.2024

To celebrate the end of March, Les Tambours du Bronx set down their drums in Paris. But they weren't alone: they brought Psykup, Klone and Nanowar of Steel with them. The evening was sure to be musically varied.


Due to a scheduling conflict, I unfortunately missed most of Psykup's set. So I couldn't write a detailed description. Nevertheless, I loved the last song. The polyphony was its main strength. It provided both harmonic complexity and softness, in contrast to the screaming and angry riffs.

Setlist :

  • Chaos Why Not 

  • Sun is the Limit

  • We will Win This War

  • Love Is Dead

  • Cooler Than God

  • Your Vision 

  • Happy Sad

Nanowar of Steel

The line-up of Nanowar of Steel in the middle of this evening seems a little... off. I admit I arrived with a few preconceptions about the Italian band, which I've carefully avoided until now. But, if you embrace the "beauf" in all of us, there's a way to have a good time. 

Musically, we're dealing with parodic metal on a power background. The whole thing serves as a soundtrack to a parade of zany costumes (Cthulhu, owl mascot, tutu...). 

Their Parisian fanbase is solid, thanks to the bassist and his mastery of the French language. There's no denying that a good part of the audience was there for them. The pit was ecstatic. It has to be said that the band knows what a show is. Enthusiasm was at its peak when the bassist and one of the singers switched places to perform... Brave Margot by Georges Brassens. Genius. 

During the instrumental parts of Valhalleluja, the frontman set about assembling an Ikea coffee table. I'd ask him to help me with my next bookshelf.

During the set, I found myself bobbing my head, smiling and even singing along. What happens at the Trianon stays at the Trianon. The show was square, brimming with good humor. The musicians didn't take themselves too seriously. Well done.


  • Uranus

  • The Call of Cthulhu

  • Il cacciatore della notte

  • Disco Metal

  • Norwegian Reggaeton

  • Brave Margot

  • Valhalleluja


The transition from Nanowar of Steel to the next band was a little abrupt. When Klone arrived, the mood became more serious. The atmosphere changed from childlike to soaring. The massive use of reverb and other effects gave the ambiance an almost unreal feel. This band from Poitou is no longer in need of introduction, as they have grown in stature over the last few years.

The composition is rich, with Klone walking a tightrope between softness, tension and heavy riffs. Morgan's (Myrath) incisive drumming pierces the guitar strings. With a strong emphasis on toms, he brings a tribal character but above all balance to the whole. Yann Lignier's voice seems to penetrate the fog. It's a heart-rending cry that immediately takes us on a journey. 

The performance was technically impeccable, both instrumentally and vocally, as well as scenographically. The lighting effects were in perfect harmony with the music, subtle despite the astronomical amount of smoke, setting a mysterious, dreamlike mood. Even if, I confess, I spent a good part of the set with my eyes closed, in deep introspection. I wasn't the only one: the audience was in a trance-like state. Although they weren't as lively as the previous set, no one seemed to miss a beat.

I particularly liked the interpretation of Silver Gate, which really comes into its own live. Klone will be at Hellfest 2024, on Friday afternoon. I already know I'll be there

Setlist :

  • Night and Day 

  • Rocket Smoke 

  • Bystander 

  • Immersion 

  • Army of Me 

  • Silver Gate 

  • Yonder

Les Tambours du Bronx

During a set change that lasted longer than the previous ones, we could finally watch the arc of cans being set up. As a percussion fan, I was ecstatic. 

The nine musicians finally arrived, and they were, as usual, well surrounded: Franck Costanza (ex-Dagoba) on drums, Arco Trauma on keyboards, Stéphane Buriez (Loudblast) and Reuno (Lofofora) on vocals. The big absentee of the evening was Renato (Dropdead Chaos). Another singer I didn't recognize was on stage. He came through with flying colors. It's amazing to see all these people together on stage, despite the multiplication of their projects.

Seeing Les Tambours live is as impressive as ever. The vibrations from the mallets hitting the metal go right to the gut and get the adrenaline pumping. The friendship that binds all the members together gave us the impression of being part of a whole.

The set got off to a flying start with Le Début de la fin, which also opens the latest Evilution album, followed by The Power. Reuno was the first to take the microphone. While the three singers passed the lead throughout the set, the others were often seen providing backing vocals, exuding a good sense of camaraderie. A few songs later, Stéphane Buriez took over for three Sepultura covers. The Brazilian band's style blends perfectly with TDB's industrial aesthetic. 

Sepultura weren't the only band covered, as the show ended with a magnificent cover of Rob Zombie's Dragula, performed by the whole of this great team. What better way to close an indus metal show than with a song by a master of the genre !

Setlist :

  • Le Début de la fin

  • The Power

  • Refuse, Resist/Roots/Territory (Sepultura covers)

  • Ghosts

  • Lion’s Share

  • Double Devils

  • Jungle Jazz

  • Mirage Eternel

  • U Lost

  • Chaos

  • Am I Dead Enough

  • New Day 

  • Le Festin

  • Dragula (Rob Zombie over)

Despite a somewhat inconsistent program, the audience was there. Completely uninhibited by the primal pounding of the mallets, they sang and jumped without restraint. The evening was memorable in more than one way. TBD are a band that only really reveal themselves live. They ignite the stage and the guts in a way that can't be captured on record (though they're still fun to listen to). 

If you'd like to find out more about the band, take a look at the interview they did on the release of their latest album:

Many thanks to Agence Singularités for the invitation. See you soon for another live report!










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