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CHRONIK Cyphre - "Idolatry"

Hello young Sith!

I admit that my little tattooed body is always happy when I'm asked to take a look at the Klonosphere foals... because let's be clear (and I want to make it clear that I have no action with them!) is clearly a guarantee of quality!

So, this “Idolatry”, first album by the Normand CYPHRE group, is no exception!

Well, to put it in context, I admit, I didn't look at the description of the group before listening... I sent the sauce directly and... I was basically expecting prog' (I must say also that I have often reviewed prog for Klonosphere ;)); So I start the tracks... and there, the little intro, very gentle, doesn't alert me that much... poor me... serious mistake! Because from the second track "Into the grave", we are directly propelled into the heavy... into the very heavy even... with sharp riffs plunging me back into the Scandinavian metal of the 90s like ENTOMBED and others! uh no, it’s not prog’!

The singing in Grunt mode, slightly under echoes, even takes me back to my listening to the superb “Crimson” by EDGE OF SANITY, we are almost on the vocal timbre of Dan Swano… inevitably, it tickles my memories and my tender youth… I like ϑ

The whole album is heavy and captivating at the same time with real sound intensity and remarkable production quality for a first opus. Only “Dawn” acts as a paving stone thrown into the swamp (it is not pejorative, quite the contrary) because this piece is clearly cut out for live performances because it evokes “fight”! This track is enjoyable… and it’s my favorite of the album at the same time ;)

You will have understood my friend, I completely agree with this first attempt, the 8 pieces were able to take me back to the past while bringing a modern touch and their own identity. Looking forward to seeing what it can do live.

On this, I wish you good listening.

Kisses and see you soon,

May the force be with you,



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