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Concert : Bell Witch,Thantifaxath - 20 avril @Petit Bain - Paris

Updated: May 20

Another rainy day and evening, and we're back at the Petit Bain in Paris for 2 bands, this time one more avant-garde black metal and the other doom metal! Another great line-up from Garmonbozia.

We're delighted to welcome Thantifaxath, a Canadian avant-garde black metal band, as our opening act.

The members arrive hooded under a dim blue light, the first chords and riffs rise up, and then a dark, cavernous voice delicately echoes in a somewhat shy room this evening, which is struggling to fill up despite the quality of the bands present for the evening.

The sound is much more polished than some bands of the same genre, and there's a real originality in the musical composition that will delight even the most sensitive ears accustomed to the usual black metal scene. Their latest album, "Hive mind Narcosis", released on June 2, 2023, transcends genres, blending influences ranging from black to psychedelic doom, death and even trash.

The show was intense and of remarkable quality, right down to the last note.

It's time to welcome Bell Witch, tonight's headliner.

An American funeral doom metal band, on stage we find the drummer/vocalist on our right and the bassist/vocalist on our left, funerary music blaring out and a canvas in the background showing images and short clips evoking nature and death. For those unfamiliar with this genre of music, it can be confusing and very slow and long indeed.

Personally, I found the performance fascinating, especially the drummer, who used a variety of props and instruments to create distinct, hypnotic moods. Their latest album "Stygian Bough Volume I", released on June 26, 2020, is also a collaboration with Aerial Ruin, with a more epic, melancholic and heavier result. After more than an hour of the show, I was overwhelmed by different emotions, and when the last notes rang out, it was a difficult return to reality.

Thanks again to Garmonbozia for this exceptional evening.

Lucinda The Strange

Frankie Snow (video credit)

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