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Interview Matt Hart

Hi Matt how are you?  Can you introduce Yourself and your project ?

Hello, I am Matt Hart, industrial / dark electro musician, and DJ from London, UK. My band consists of myself as the vocalist and guitarist Jerome.

 What is your creative process and your mood?

In general, I'm inspired by the music around me, primarily what I DJ, spanning from dark bass music to Agro tech to old-school industrial. Creatively, I typically commence with a drum or bass pattern, and the arrangement evolves from there. If I feel particularly good about a track, envisioning it as part of a live set, I often incorporate guitars. However, not all my tracks feature guitars in the final product. The concluding phase of my process involves recording vocals. While I don't consider myself a great lyricist, I write the verses and choruses under pressure during the same session as the recordings.

What drives you?

I have a deep passion for music, especially the thrill of performing live. My journey on stage began at the tender age of six, where I took center stage with solo performances on the violin. Entertaining people, ensuring they have a great time, has always been my goal. This early experience ignited a love for performing that continues to drive me.

Being on stage, sharing my music, and creating an enjoyable atmosphere for the audience is truly fulfilling. I derive immense joy from making sure people have a good time during my live performances. It's not just about my enjoyment; it's about spreading the magic of music to the world.

When I create music, my criteria are simple: if I like it and it sounds good to me, I hope others will feel the same. The ultimate goal is to have people appreciate and enjoy the music, whether it's finding its place on their Spotify playlists, being downloaded, or even purchased on platforms like Bandcamp. Sharing the love for music and connecting with listeners is what fuels my artistic journey.

What are your inspirations in terms of music , movies , series, literature ?

I’m hugely influenced by science fiction, especially movies, like the Terminator series, and anime, cyberpunk, movies, and TV shows set in a near future or a distant future similar to the world that I created for 3808. The sample used in deep down city was from an anime called Blame! in that film the protagonists live below the surface of the world, not necessarily in a city, but they travel in and around the underground space

 In Rotations you talk about maximum productivity. It's like a new vision of the movie Modern Times Of Charlie Chaplin , personally it’s also my vision of this era work, use , die ,I Think your song is a close futur  . What do you Think about our Era ?

You're quite right. The work-to-live cycle is a trap, and the vision for the future in 3808 is about breaking free albeit via a very rigid structure. We must step back, detach from the routine, and move beyond mere service - after the work is done. In the present of 2024, it's crucial to remember that life isn't just about working to survive. People, especially those who appreciate art and music like us and our scene/community should continue to embrace a more open-minded approach to life. There's more to experience and enjoy beyond the confines of work.

I Think we tend to a World like your track decimate with all this Wars and tensions all the time. Do you think the World could reverse the process without the end of the humanity?

I genuinely don't understand the constant struggle for power, land ownership, and the superiority of one group over another. It seems so unnecessary. Can't we all just get along? I know it's a simplistic view, and I don't delve too deeply into the complex political and geopolitical systems, but I do wish people would avoid causing unnecessary conflicts.

Did you recently saw the news about the development of the neuralink project led by Elon Musk? It is kind of creepy right?

I hadn't heard about it initially, but upon your question, I explored the topic, and it's genuinely fascinating. I believe artificial intelligence can enhance human capabilities, though it won't necessarily lead to a takeover like in the Terminator movies.

Recently you were in Paris At Les Caves Saint Sabin for a show how was it ?

The show was fantastic. The Caves Saint Sabin, are amazing. I love the underground vibe – the tunnels, low ceilings, tucked-away holes, and the bar. Everyone was friendly, and we had a great attendance. The DJs also kicked ass.

What changed for you with the Brexit?

The most challenging aspect of Brexit is that British citizens now have to go through the regular passport queue, which is typically longer than the EU passports queue. As someone who travels frequently for both work and leisure, it has become a significant annoyance. While I haven't noticed much difference since Brexit on the surface, I'm sure there are underlying changes that I haven't explored thoroughly.

Do you have any plans for a future show in France , new album ?

I'm super excited to return to France this year, fingers crossed. It's a fantastic place to perform, and I'll get to practice my French, which was my highest grade in school. Also, I have a new album, unsurprisingly named "Below the Terra Part Two," set to release between Easter and the summer, hopefully before my performance at the Mechanismus Festival in Seattle, United States. There are already three released tracks, and I have some exciting remixes alongside the upcoming track before the album drops after Easter. That's the plan—fingers crossed!

If you were a drink what would you be and why?

If I were a drink, I'd probably be a gin and tonic. Being British, living in London, where London gin is iconic, it feels fitting. While I wouldn't call myself sophisticated, like the drink, I see it as a classic. Perhaps one day, people might recognize me as a bit of a classic, too—chuckle, chuckle.

Thx for the interview i leave you a space for say something to our readers.

Thank you for having me in this interview. Before I go, I want to emphasize supporting artists and music. Attend live shows, buy records, use Bandcamp—it's the best way to support. If that's not possible, then streaming on your favorite platform, like Spotify, helps too. Set it to play, send it to loop, and get those plays for the artists you love, and spread the word! You can find my music and merch at 


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