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Chronik ECR.LINF - “Belluaires”

ECR.LINF's debut album "Belluaires", available in France on March 22, 2024 via Source Atone Records, and internationally via Italian label My Kingdom Music.

© Artwork, photo and videos : Dorian Lairson

ECR.LINF is a black metal band that borrows its name from the famous phrase in Voltaire's correspondence "écrasons l'infâme" ("let's crush the infamous"), a reference to the superstition and fanaticism against which he fought all his life.

The line-up includes Dorian Lairson on guitar, Jiu Gebenholtz on bass (ex No Return), Jean Lassalle on keyboards (Jarell), Rémi Sefarino on drums (ex Svart Crown, ex Hyrgal) and Krys Denhez on vocals (OPHE, ex Demande à la poussière, ...).

10 years after Jarell, it was the reunion of Dorian and Krys that gave rise to this new musical formation. In May 2023, the band settled into Lower Tones Place Studio (Nature Morte, Demande à la Poussière, Ophe, Muertissima, ...). Eight tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Edgard Chevallier, who is a guitarist, composer, arranger, sound engineer and studio producer with 25 years' experience!

"Tribunal de l'âme", released earlier this year, is the first foretaste of the album. This was followed by "Le désespoir du prophète", released a few weeks ago with a dark video featuring winding paths, tortured faces and a deep sense of self-seeking.

From the very first notes, we're transported into a spellbinding musical universe, where melodies blend with lyrics evoking the joys and sorrows of life with overwhelming emotional depth and bewitching fluidity. Musically, the vocal and instrumental arrangements create a suspended atmosphere which invites the listener to dive into the heart of the experience.

Throughout the album, ECR.LINF explores the nuances of the human soul with a rare sensitivity. Songs like "La danse des crânes" (which I particularly loved; the accordion adds a lot of cachet to it), and "Missive" resonate with heart-rending sincerity and also evoke deep, universal themes.

Through her haunting lyrics and evocative atmospheres, the artist explores human darkness, questioning her beliefs and conscience, "we have to carry out the trial of humanity."

The artist's voice - which is both clear and powerful - captures the listener's full attention and guides him through an introspective journey. Each track is a dive into the underworld, an invitation to plunge into the abyss of the soul, an exploration of the darkest corners of the human psyche.

What really sets ECR.LINF apart is their ability to create rich, nuanced atmospheres. Beyond pure brutality, the album abounds with moments of melodic beauty and atmospheric passages that add a certain depth and subtle complexity to their music. The transitions between aggressive passages and lulls are executed with impressive mastery. This creates a striking contrast that intensifies the album's emotional impact.

The "Belluaires" were gladiators who fought wild beasts.  After all, aren't we the most ferocious creatures in the world to fight?

This album will delight the most demanding black metal fans. At once dark and vicious, brutal and sublime, it transports us to the darkness and grandeur of the human soul. An obscure yet fascinating listen that will leave no one indifferent.

Reviewed by Lucinda the Strange


01. Le Désespoir du Prophète    02. Tribunal de l'Âme    03. La Danse des Crânes    04. Missive    05. Le Royaume du Vide    06. Ultime Projection    07. Valetaille    08. Feu Pâle

DURÉE : 41min 28


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