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Live Report - Frog Leap PARIS @Le Trianon 22/10/28 (ENG version)

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Hello everyone!

On this Friday 28th of October, part of the BGP team met at the Trianon for the sold-out show of the Internet bulldozer: Frog Leap. As a reminder, Frog Leap is the project of the Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Leo Moracchioli He specialised in covering popular songs in a metal version on YouTube. Even if his work doesn’t seem very innovative, he could reach over 4.6 million subscribers. This Parisian gig is the final step of a European tour.

For those who haven’t been to Paris yet, Trianon is a mythical venue located in the historic Pigalle/Montmartre district. It used to be an old theatre before being converted into a music hall. I particularly like this venue because they have balconies that are open to the public. The setting is beautiful. So, don’t hesitate to attend a show there if you have the opportunity.

Now, let’s talk about music. For a change, the special guest of the show was a DJ. He used hard mainstream rock/metal tracks (Linkin Park, Rammstein…) and pop culture music (Code Lyoko, Shrek…). It was pretty fun but there is not much to say. However, I think it would have been more appropriate at the end of the night.

The set change was a bit long, but the loud music and the antics of the mascot helped us to wait. Let’s talk about the mascot: Called Bunny AF, it was first seen in the Feel Good Inc videoclip. Dressed in a frock coat and bloomers, it was a full member of the group. It turned the concert into a real show. At first, I was confused by the idea of a rabbit mascot for a band named Frog Leap. But I was quickly seduced by the energy this amazing rodent released. throughout the concert, he headbanged on stage, on the balconies and in the pit, while managing pogoes. I can imagine how sweaty was the mask at the end of the gig!

Nonetheless, artists were also amazing performer. Charismatic Leo – who seduced all French Football Fans by wearing French team jersey - and his musicians electrified the pit that night. They went straight to the point with Party Rock Anthem then Ghostbusters – 4 days before Halloween, what a timing! These two popular titles set the fire to the pit. After that, ballad The House of the Rising Sun quickly escalated and turned into a banger.

When Dance Monkey started, singer Hannah Boulton joined the band on stage. To remind you, Hannah Boulton regularly collaborates with Leo. Even if her vocal technic is far from rock, it contrasted nicely with Leo’s growl. She stayed until Rocky cover. Her participation brought diversity to the set. That was very pleasant.

I can’t mention every hit they played. Otherwise, this report would be far too long. But I must tell you about the wild cover of Pokemon theme song. This song turned the entire audience into 10-year-old kids. The pit started singing the French version so loudly that it was almost impossible to hear the English version performed by the artists. The show ended on a high note with an encore far more rock'n'roll than the rest of the set: Frog Leap performed Killing in the Name and Zombie.


· Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO)

· Ghostbusters (Ray Parker Jr)

· The House of the Rising Sun (The Animals)

· Come Together (The Beatles)

· Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)

· Heathens (Twenty-One Pilots)

· Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson - Bruno Mars)

· Try (P!NK)

· Breathe (The Prodigy)

· Pokémon

· Feel Good Inc (Gorillaz)

· Africa (Toto)

· Hello (Adele)

· Killing in the Name (Rage Against the Machine)

· Zombie (The Cranberries)

They have a clear concept: intergenerational tracks are reworked with heavy saturation and double pedals. Despite this lack of originality, Leo has become so popular on YouTube thanks to a perfect mastery of the instruments, diversified songs and funny videoclips. The same goes for the live show: the songs were perfectly played; the songs were easily recognisable, and the stage performance was fun. What role do music and live shows play? According to Frog Leap, Music is meant to provide easy and judgment-free moments of pleasureas a result, the unifying event attracted Young and Old, long-time metalheads and newcomers alike. In my opinion, the gamble paid off, even if the pit was a little too quiet for my liking.

Let’s call it a live report. For those who don’t know us yet, BGP Music Live is a French webzine dealing with extreme music. We regularly publish live reports and album reviews. In the meantime, if you see us at a concert, don't hesitate to join us for a beer - an Ice Tea. This was our first column in English. I hope you liked it.

Take care and stay Metal!

Ciao ! Bye


Crédit photos : Matthieu CHATENAY


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