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TEMPT FATE – Chronicle of “Holy Deformity”

September 7, 2023

Label/Production: Almost Famous

Cast: Season of Mist

Artwork: Anthony RIPOLL

Hello young Sith,

It's been a long time since I wrote and I'm very happy to see you again for a little chronik.

And for a good reunion, nothing like a good Frenchy death metal.

Moreover, as usual, I did not hesitate, for your greatest happiness (at least I hope), to dig into the work of the artists and to address the form, like the substance, of this new opus of TEMPT FATE. Well, I won't hide it from you, it wasn't an easy task so far, the discussions having been as interesting as they were extensive!

For those who don't know TEMPT FATE, a quick flashback to catch up:

Originally from Toulouse, the group, created in 2014, is not its first attempt because it already has to its credit 2 EPs and an album in a pure death metal style seasoned with some modern deathcore touches.

And it works very well! Because even if the musicians say they are inspired by pillars like Benighted, The Black Dahlia Murder... it is clear that the group clearly has its own identity. Test largely transformed in my opinion (Toulouse – Rugby – World Cup… ok I’m out).

It’s simple, the pieces are varied, the whole thing is coherent and fits together perfectly well. In short, over these 30 minutes, we don't get bored and we enjoy it; big riffs, growl and fast tempos being on the program.

But if you think that only music is violent, then you are completely wrong. Because as usual, your humble servant did not stop at the “sound” but he probed a little into the “artistic goal” of this opus. And on this subject, I can guarantee you that we are not on basic “gory” or “flighty” lyrics as encountered most of the time in this style, but indeed on a journey into the depths of psychology human. Like the previous album, you won't be very comfortable.

However, before dwelling on the pieces, let's take a look at the cover which stands out compared to current productions, more and more driven by artificial intelligence in particular, And that's good ! Here, no computer frills, no montages, everything was done on canvas by bassist Anthony RIPOLL. It was important for the group to master their entire project from A to Z and the artwork is the perfect example. The graphics stick well to the subject, symbolizing at the same time (As noted by Pilaff, guitarist) “unity and internal tearing, of the body, of anxiety, of trauma, of cleavage and dissociation, of the question of taking action to try to find a solution of appeasement... the question is therefore that of achieving unity, at the place of the tearing. On the other hand he adds: “music is always associated with a visual, it was a question for the group of living the experience in its entirety, without entrusting it to someone else” and “This cover is taken in the same creative process as the pieces and texts of the album, it has been debated, at length, in the same way that we treat the psychic conflict according to the theme of anxiety in our music ”.

You have been warned ;)

When I said that for TEMPT FATE, there is form but also substance, it is not an empty word.

For proof also on the overall meaning of the texts, the words and their meaning(s) as a link; but when this concept is called into question, what about the answer... and you know very well that the conscious and the unconscious will seek answers, whatever the cost.

So there it is, the common thread of this “HOLY DEFORMITY”. This sacred side, “HOLY”, like “attempt to pad the body”. The concept is ultimately vague, but this suspended side allows everyone to project themselves into it, it allows a bit of poetry, a bit of cunning and a guideline when the symbolic fails us... ”.

You understand why it took me a little time to release this column, eh! Because this opus, when explored properly, brings more questions than answers... and that is the beauty of this new album from the Toulouse band. Beauty in death metal? Well why not, even if the themes are full of meaning.

As Pilaff also mentions: “Inspiration is found in his story, that of his loved ones, his friends, his patients (Pilaff is a clinical psychologist in adult and liberal psychiatry), but also in his imagination... The group tries to draw on experiences, often drawn from anxiety, here and there, according to a particular theme. What matters is the crossing and questioning of the character invented in HOLY DEFORMITY, where everyone is free to identify themselves or not >”.

In this new album, the group addresses questions of existence, presence, but also absence, flight and doubt. This time under a prism of a more archaic anxiety. The group has chosen a worrying slice of life, where things try to be resolved painfully without calming down. Everything remains in suspense, waiting for a sequel, to know if it will hold. The idea for the author is not to deal with a question of diagnosis but to approach a deeper, more intense, more intimate vision of what is going on in otherness, the relationship to oneself, to through a character.

Broad subject, but very important subject nonetheless.

Let's take the example of the eponymous track “HOLY DEFORMITY”, very clearly focused on inner questioning, suffering and self-esteem. The (evil) words are violent… just like the 30 minutes of the album.

Because from a musical point of view, as mentioned above, the people from Toulouse are not careful, between pieces that sound rather old-school like Deadlights< /strong> or the alternation of growl-scream vocals and sharp riffs like a god ends here

We have no respite.

Violence is required and G.I.D is not going to spare you anymore... it comes from the gut, it's hateful and the only "break" that you will have is a welcome and well-felt solo game.

I will only come back very little to holy deformity, a pivotal piece of this album, with a much slower tempo and a rhythm that is, to say the least, heavy... at first ! Because the rhythm accelerates as the seconds pass... looking at the lyrics, I would venture to think that there is a parallel with the acceleration of the heart rate and the defensive reaction of the body when an artery is "ruptured" . We can really feel the influence of The Black Dahlia Murder on this track, and as a fan, I cannot remain indifferent to this nod.

Filth of Life has slightly different sounds, between mid-tempo and blasts, harmonics and harsh rhythms... this piece would almost act as "a interlude" because of its different construction compared to the rest of the album... but the "calm" is only short-lived because the guys continue with a completely frenetic Purge, I don't know what this piece gives live but one thing is sure, no question of being in the pit! It lives up to its name damn well ;)

We find again with Grindfate and Erlebnis the sounds of old-school brutal death. Grindfate is a piece that is all the more interesting as the text alternates between English and French... it's well seen and the moments of blasts drive the point home in terms of richness of structure. As for Erlebnis(experience or emotion/memorable depending on the context, in German), the cold screams released here and there leave us with a particular feeling, a definitely uncomfortable sensation and that's what I really appreciate this “Holy Deformity”, no need to read the lyrics in the end to guess the very essence of the album, its content and its form, we are caught by the throat of A to Z. This album can be listened to, but above all it can be felt, we survive it, or not…

In short, you will have understood, I loved this last Tempt Fate, the CD was sanded wide and across and I thank you Pilaff for the discussions which allowed me to better understand this new album from the Toulouse band.

For your information, they are in Paris on November 30 at the electric cirque, on December 1 in Orléans at the Dropkick Bar and on December 2 in Isle Bouzon so if you're in the area, don't hesitate to go support them.

With that, I leave you, enjoy listening and see you soon for a new chronik!

May the force be with you!




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