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Live Report Bury Tomorrow + We Came As Romans + Kingdom of Giants @Trabendo 23.01.24

Parisian metalcore community couldn't wait for the Bury Tomorrow and We Came As Roman combo on stage. The evening took place in a sold-out Trabendo. I wondered how the venue's atypical pit could contain the crowd's enthusiasm.

Kingdom of Giants

Kingdom of Giants

Kingdom of Giants had the onerous responsibility of opening hostilities and, despite their opener status, a large fanbase was present for the band. The crowd, as the band, was singing and waving. 

The Californians are no newcomers. Their show and sound are very clean. Their metalcore is rather classic, with a duo of clean vocals (mostly provided by a guitarist)/growl. The two vocalists have a real synergy, responding to each other. This gives a real dynamic to the set.


– Burner

– Night Shift

– Cash out

– Sync

– Bleach

– Wayfinder


We Came As Romans

The second band to take to the stage was paradoxically also the most popular internationally. Naturally, the audience was on its feet. They're singing along from the first notes. It made you want to push back the walls to welcome all those who couldn't get the precious ticket.

The show was more brutal than its predecessor. So were the pogos. A wall of death broke out at the very first song, setting the tone.

Musically, there was nothing to say... well, on the contrary, there was a lot. This band had a perfect mastery of intensity: they skilfully used silences and crescendos, and it worked! A furious desire to go out and fight came over me. Technically, everything was perfect, as you'd expect from a band of this stature. Both the saturated and clean vocals were measured out to the millimeter. The energy was insane; I think we could power Paris for an entire night.

Setlist :

– Darkbloom

– Doublespeak

– Wasted Age

– Plagues

– Black Hole

– Daggers


Bury Tomorrow

While We Came As Romans are the most popular, Bury Tomorrow are better established on French stages, so the band naturally took on the role of headliner. And what a show it was! It's true that Bury Tomorrow is the band of the evening with whom I have the most affinity in the studio. But I beg you to believe my objectivity when I tell you that this concert was a killer. Headline obliged, the lightshow was more elaborate than in previous sets. The screen at the back of the stage and the numerous neon lights made a real difference. Facing us is a talkative Dani, perhaps too talkative for my taste, but that's just a detail.

Let's talk music now: they've found the perfect balance between melody and brutality, thanks in particular to the presence of two singers. I'm fascinated by Tom Prendergast's versatility on keyboards, clean vocals and percussion - he's even in charge of launching the computer sequences. In fact, I find that the low toms used in addition to the drums bring a depth of sound that made your insides shake. 

If nothing was to be discarded, I still preferred the interpretation of the songs Black Flame, Boltcutter and Choke, which, in my opinion, stand out from the rest.

Setlist :

– Seventh Sun

– Abandon Us

– Begin Again

– Man On Fire

– An Honourable Reign

– Life

– The Grey

– Black Flame

– Knife of Gold

– Boltcutter

– Wrath

– Heretic

– Cannibal

– Choke

– Death

And so ended my first metal concert of the year. So, 2024 is shaping up to be an auspicious year. Given the fanbase of the three bands present, I have high hopes of seeing them return to a larger venue. 

Coming soon, the report on Betraying The Martyrs' last concert - also at Le Trabendo - so stay tuned.

Ciao !



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