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Primordial Black – Monas Hieroglyphica

Updated: Feb 20

Primordial Black is a young blackened death metal band originating from Tunisia, composed of Yasser Mahammedi Bouzina on vocals, Mohamed Ben Hadida on drums, Walid Chaaben on guitar, and Dalii Gharselaouii on bass guitar. Their debut EP was released on January 12, 2024, under the label M&O Music.

The EP kicks off with the track 'Atrocity Guides', featuring heavy rhythms, an oppressive atmosphere, a deep, cavernous voice, and furious yet melodious riffs - a welcoming entry into the world of Primordial Black.

Next up is 'The Worm That Gnaws at Night', the first single released at the end of 2023, setting the tone for the EP that was released just a month ago. It features haunting and rhythmic riffs accompanied by an almost mystical and hypnotic voice.

Upon first listen to 'Only Death Is Real', I couldn't help but instantly think of a Rotting Christ track with its distinct instrumental and vocal rhythm. The dark voice and unleashed drums urge us to delve further into the rebellious and enraged universe of the band.

Finally, there's 'Monas Hieroglyphica', the eponymous title of the EP, which continues to immerse us in this heavy and unsettling atmosphere. The visual of the video is particularly repulsive with all those insects, I'll let you discover it for yourself :

I really enjoyed this debut EP and sincerely find it promising for the future. I believe they still have a lot to unveil for us !

Track list :

  • Atrocity Guides

  • The worm that gnaws at night

  • Only death is real

  • Monas Hieroglyphica

Lucinda The Strange


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